V12, N1 (2017/12)

  • Employing Qualitative Citation Analysis to Investigate the Associations Among Document Genres, Tasks, and Credibility Assessments in the Context of University Teaching / Min-Chun Ku – FULLTEXT
  • A Research of Effects upon Reading Engagement Using CORI in Middle School in Taiwan / Chao-Chen Chen, Yin-Yen Lin, Ya-Ping Chen, Zhen-Li Gao, Yu-Fang Chang, Hong-Shiu Liang – FULLTEXT
  • Understanding the Features and Challenges of Using EPUB E-textbook in Education through the Comparison of EPUB and SCORM content models / Hsuan-Pu Chang –  FULLTEXT
  • The Study of Data Warehouse Application Model in Libraries: A Case Study of Customized Reports / Yi-Ting Yang, Jiann-Cherng Shieh – FULLTEXT
  • The Study of Archives Management Policy Development in Taiwan Administrative Reform Proposition During the 1950s and 60s / Yu-Fan Wu –  FULLTEXT

V11, N2 (2017/07)

  •  A Study on Reading Motivations and Reading Behaviors of Light Novel for Adolescents: The Example of New Taipei City / Chiao-Min Lin, Yi-Lei Yeh – FULLTEXT
  • A Study on the Motivations and Information Needs of International Volunteer Tourists / Sheu Chang, Hao-Ren Ke – FULLTEXT
  •  Data Reuse Behavior among Taiwan Social Scientists / Chi-Shiou Lin, Ching-Yi Lai –  FULLTEXT
  • Using Part-of-Speech Tagging Based Approach with Wikipedia to Assist Chinese Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation / Chuen-Min Huang – FULLTEXT

V11, N1 (2016/12)

  • The Emotional Labor of Public Service Librarians Encountered Problem Patrons in Taiwan’s Public Libraries: A Quantitative Study / Chen Su-may Sheih – FULLTEXT
  • A Preliminary Study of Short Text Responses Clustering for Mobile Educational Activities / ung-Hao Lee, Yu-Ta Chien, Chun-Yen Chang, Tsung-Yen Li, Yuen-Hsien Tseng – FULLTEXT